This I Believe

This Wonder-Spark is “the original.” It is described in 2 Wonders’ “About” page, but is given in full here simply because it’s really fun to realize that youth are so amazing when given tools to be at their best in helping others, empathizing, and just being creative! This I Believe I believe in wonder and … Read more

Standing on the Shore

This Wonder-Spark comes in the form of a poem. Try reading it aloud next time you stand at the seashore. Standing on the Shore By Kathy Beckwith Come on, God, tell me:Did You plan it like this?This ocean of blue, with ever-changing flecks of white,From way out there, clear out of sight,Up to the sand? … Read more


We must start our “Wonder-Sparks” with reflections on the dandelion. Its seeds found their way into our company logo, for good reason. Have you looked at them recently? They certainly combine the sparking of curiosity (how could they be designed to work so magically?? how does a seed do its work??) and the sparking of … Read more