2 Wonders LLC

Kathy Beckwith

2 Wonders, LLC, is an Oregon corporation, established in 2021 to promote the development, publication, and performance of materials that carry out the dual meaning of the word wonder. Ten years earlier, in 2011, founder Kathy Beckwith wrote an essay for Oregon Mediation Association’s call for “This I Believe” submissions. The essence of that essay hovered near and continued to reveal the importance and the impact that wonder can have in young lives, as well as in all of us. It described how both meanings of the word came together joyously in the young mediators Kathy worked with in schools. She wanted to keep the same spirit alive in the work and focus of 2 Wonders, LLC. Currently that focus is the publication of books that bring wonder to life for readers.

What will our future bring? We’re keeping that open, wondering ourselves – perhaps moving into areas of performance, and conflict-resolving – which certainly impacts how strong wonder in our world grows. But for now, we’re working on books, and celebrating the wonder found therein!

Learn more about Kathy and her other work by visiting her website: https://kathybeckwith.com/
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