Standing on the Shore

This Wonder-Spark comes in the form of a poem. Try reading it aloud next time you stand at the seashore.

Standing on the Shore

By Kathy Beckwith

Come on, God, tell me:
Did You plan it like this?
This ocean of blue, with ever-changing flecks of white,
From way out there, clear out of sight,
Up to the sand?

That would have been wonder enough,
This bowl of blue,
But then there comes the sand,
Where treasures wiggle down, and toes,
And giant hearts are drawn with driftwood sticks,
Each tiny, sparkling grain a wonder of its own.

But most of all, I love the waves.
They rise and hold their breath on tippy-toe,
Then curl and crash into the foaming white.
Incredible! Inconceivable!
And yet they do it again and again and again,
And again,
Inviting me to dance in wonder.
And so I do, and raise my arms into the air,
Telling You how beautiful this is!

So now You must tell me, honestly:
Did you plan it like this?
Come on.
Or are You just dancing in wonder too?

Notice. Ponder. See. Celebrate. What Wonder-Spark did you encounter today?